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PUS Itemleri ve Fiyatları

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Değerli BorderKO Oyuncuları;
Yeni dünya " RAGNATOR " sunucumuzun Power Up Store itemleri ve fiyatları aşağıda belirttiğimiz gibidir.



Envanter İkonu Envanter İsmi Envanter Fiyatı
image.png.af498543dcdfae3dd90d08a2937c19e6.png Nation Transfer 200 KC
image.png.660f579746dfe95bf926326d699e3d09.png Clan Name Change Scroll 1200 KC
image.png.2a5200d662768fc5be0e52024f9ebcb7.png Name Change Scroll 1600 KC
image.png.2501b9573da8dc39e38187ff1d754c87.png Job change (No Master) 2700 KC
image.png.e38b6fb645461a16c189deee22f0dad2.png 1500 HP+ Scroll(L) 499 KC
image.png.615af8afb73e6e1e60fa5c098997cdc4.png 300 Defense+ Scroll(L) 499 KC
image.png.5ee0dfa63d689025eb246d8f5286bc4a.png Attack+ Scroll 299 KC
image.png.1d9991dbb8b4f9c2b5ed83d8bc85be57.png STR+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 399 KC
image.png.00e81e819c70fcebb63f93a46301d829.png HP+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 399 KC
image.png.b8a3b9486f3531c6330e86829cc60c4d.png DEX+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 399 KC
image.png.41071a107abae4dccd01d0fbd14a1951.png INT+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 399 KC
image.png.bec76e986745234e0c74fd33a66e2596.png MP+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 399 KC
image.png.079578ba48ff5e224368a5c1433216ed.png Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(L) 449 KC
image.png.2bd4552c4dcbb953ac4c15d16b5f9288.png Scroll of teleport friend 449 KC
image.png.57ad5661c62aaba47914405b6234ada3.png merchant's Concentration 249 KC
image.png.e47c6f0d8e95d3014d57b52b429c0502.png Genie Hammer 349 KC
image.png.0a5ac9610099d85bb5516749dd2c48ac.png Gender Change 349 KC
image.png.89a2ce437e75b17db6eef4df8da1601a.png Speed+ Potion 149 KC
image.png.3212a29c4e1ce789df8afa86a2198d24.png NP increase item 1699 KC
image.png.db7f1fa17a263095f194815d849e3f3f.png Redistribution Item 199 KC
image.png Mount Scroll - %50 EXP 149 KC
image.png.00ab5ce9f35c9bc5e2f981ae84d5c0ec.png Brain of Centaur 999 KC
image.png.1d9991dbb8b4f9c2b5ed83d8bc85be57.png STR+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 KC
image.png.00e81e819c70fcebb63f93a46301d829.png HP+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 KC
image.png.b8a3b9486f3531c6330e86829cc60c4d.png DEX+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 KC
image.png.41071a107abae4dccd01d0fbd14a1951.png INT+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 KC
image.png.bec76e986745234e0c74fd33a66e2596.png MP+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 KC
image.png.8757741b8494b0e6650c1bcc8661f238.png Prayer of kratos power 339 KC
image.png.0489c2ddc534ad7708d506008a5f726d.png Weapon Enchant Scroll 249 KC
image.png.4f72f99e799e64f2ea12287fa2b132ef.png Armor Enchant Scroll 249 KC
image.png.2d732a6a73fd0df2949aa08cbc65a219.png Resurrection Scroll(60) 799 KC


Envanter İkonu Envanter İsmi Envanter Fiyatı
image.png.6f0fe882737c4418e3969611ca66b3bd.png Goku Transform Scroll (El Morad) - Orange 1000 KC
image.png.0c30f37b39f7535768064233a188d13d.png Goku Transform Scroll (El Morad) - Blue 1000 KC
image.png.19c2d1dc4908b8a672f6150950a361db.png Goku Transform Scroll (Karus) - Yellow 1000 KC
image.png.f1fd7d6b114e0e16633bc7b9a388925f.png Goku Transform Scroll (Karus) - Red 1000 KC
image.png.565f5862230eeb5aa3c3eb983f061e30.png Crisis Transformation Scroll (El Morad) 799 KC
image.png.214eb5fe9b8ae67908ab889fb93af483.png Ibex Transformation Scroll (Karus) 799 KC
image.png.51e52d0211447c36a3663ee6f8d54055.png Menissiah Transform Scroll(El Morad) 499 KC
image.png.8a69106ef942914c1cb7eb63662eb0f0.png Menissiah Transform Scroll(Karus) 499 KC
image.png.946e97c1cd7a49b683e3e23f5a1e592b.png Cougar Transform Scroll(El Morad) 499 KC
image.png.3ecce03205d84459942f15e56beadb29.png Cougar Transform Scroll (Karus) 499 KC
image.png.05eebe117a1d5b65c4f22de09acf0a26.png Hera Transform Scroll(El Morad) 499 KC
image.png.ca72b63e2493a372b937ca9930e813d9.png Hera Transform Scroll(Karus) 499 KC
image.png.b215dfee4be552f7a74fea908945de5d.png Patrick Transform Scroll(El Morad) 499 KC
image.png.ce5eb7f5b85fac0819797471863bb7a4.png Patrick Transform Scroll(Karus) 499 KC
image.png.0b6f91f5ca663ba881e16090b1e47724.png Genie Transform Scroll (Kecoon) 1000 KC
image.png.2eed3ecb3d5b115b531d174ef21f5430.png Genie Transform Scroll (Death Knight) 1000 KC
image.png.d30979ad7aa3fda68a7d063ec1ee1bf6.png Genie Transform Scroll (Orc Bowman) 1000 KC
image.png.fa39211ea6ce71a6c632744608a1b518.png Genie Transform Scroll (Uruk Tron) 1000 KC


Envanter İkonu Envanter İsmi Envanter Fiyatı
image.png.517ec7c70adeafca2f4ba65b09b90907.png Starter Pack 350 TL
image.png.521ab34cb615094fbe2c978bb579376a.png Platinum Premium 250 TL
Screenshot_3.png.be6a58a29f28dfcada17ec4841db2127.png Switching Premium -----
Screenshot_4.png.a704b20a82c6a69314e02cee625e4fc6.png WAR Premium -----
Screenshot_5.png.a0b747b5fc105089c4ab017e5f0c4d50.png DISC Premium -----
Screenshot_6.png.49c5f48c5bbae765a975d0f3140bf10f.png EXP Premium 150 TL
image.png.6e16354cf83e77520aa730c15f7b4c73.png Voucher of Genie (15 Days) + Auto Loot (15 Days) 100 TL
image.png.58b7ebd22ada4a9a204c10089129dab9.png Job Change (Master) 300 TL
image.png.b0e91a269cdb99b59e6497547449ca69.png Drop Scroll (5 Adet) -----
image.png.4baaf68207810a4aad499071a0631a27.png Voucher of HP Maestro 40 TL
image.png.113e3343e1fbf1350c9d1bea739c9de3.png Voucher of MP Maestro 40 TL
Screenshot_7.png.605609fb9dae62b33a89d9a9ac2260de.png Voucher of Extra Inventory 20 TL
image.png Character Seal Scroll 100 TL
image.png Voucher of Merchant's Eye 30 TL
Screenshot_3.png.5b565604963083f1b843cc28e07300f0.png Voucher of Infinite Arrow (15 Days) 25 TL
Screenshot_4.png.ea5f1dfd77097fd36fa58dc61cf2b685.png Voucher of Infinite Cure (15 Days) 25 TL
Screenshot_5.png.c41c27240fb6419156b8fa5064ba5659.png Bronze Star Voucher ( 30 Days ) 20 TL
Screenshot_6.png.26fd5b0bce97944bd7d261f0ea8fd5cb.png Silver Star Voucher ( 30 Days ) 40 TL
Screenshot_7.png.6f01edda25d6fe05ce92a7e252413ceb.png Gold Star Voucher ( 30 Days ) 60 TL
Screenshot_2.png.2ac42eeab806521debf12ea479eb10c5.png Valkyrie Armor Certificate 60 TL
Screenshot_3.png.1709270026e3528850cb778ab816da20.png Valkyrie Helmet Certificate 40 TL
Screenshot_4.png.e1bc8c98fc0d6a2abb5d09939ce749bf.png Gryphon's Armor Certificate 60 TL
Screenshot_5.png.8718b6800d0dc5893155fd1334a76c8e.png Gryphon's Helmet Certificate 40 TL
Screenshot_7.png.309d7a6e7f0502261876933b9473c1d5.png Bahamut Armor Certificate 60 TL
Screenshot_6.png.ad91b9a53cd627e34a0ebf6d55fff1a4.png Bahamut Helmet Certificate 40 TL
image.png.054a1dcb2129e42cdca310dd5b382eec.png Sealed Item 50 TL
image.png.63475681f27423512563bf9fbd7b306d.png Jack Point EXP Scroll 40 TL
image.png.a94200dfd46a9146c16cc610c6fd139b.png Jack Point Coin Scroll 40 TL


Envanter İkonu Envanter İsmi Envanter Fiyatı
image.png Certificate of Pathos' Glove 1200 KC
image.png Clan Premium 999 KC
image.png.65224408eac98420429ef6b281c0247c.png Gold Premium 2000 KC
image.png.9e5daa034ac17739d12c5aafcd24ec04.png Trina's Piece 1200 KC
image.png Shadow Piece 1500 KC
image.png.47b625f4f431963132709b679f4daf80.png Tears of Karivdis 999 KC
image.png.8c33caebb23e80d38bf998374dc764b3.png Premium Potion HP (500) 500 KC
image.png.2da6b773c6950aa7a958a29df4a06629.png Premium Potion MP (500) 500 KC
image.png.e31aaa4e3e888ebf47d6d7013f54dc2b.png Premium Potion HP (5000) 1200 KC
image.png.77b3390279ed92a32bfb5f752a241f5a.png Premium Potion MP (5000) 1500 KC
image.png Voucher of Offline Merchant 100 KC
image.png.d1789086a01d3b7a013a21045d430f19.png Certificate 100 Knight Cash 100 KC
image.png.0416c14b3d91c69f6f06c793a5e98585.png Certificate 350 Knight Cash 350 KC
image.png.d56ff30e7aacdfb85f62476c3bb919b1.png Certificate 700 Knight Cash 700 KC
image.png.a0d7ff23f3b87adcf6885b7c3450ffb1.png Certificate 1200 Knight Cash 1200 KC
image.png.b9393f7b686849905a34e08f19219e3b.png Certificate 2100 Knight Cash 2100 KC
image.png.7cc117e5e07d9883d2b68a32ff6ef705.png Certificate 10000 Knight Cash 10000 KC
Screenshot_8.png.9c5ec6f84082fcfad64337eeef80ebc0.png [VIP] Vault key 2000 KC
image.png.27e4cba8113454c04f962f2b14185b6a.png Superior Cape Exchange ( 30 Days ) 10000 KC
image.png.2cfeacf214600130570b0fa707bd186a.png Trina's Piece ( Middle Class ) 500 KC
image.png.95b3c3c7af75c0788189505482a5dfcc.png Trina's Piece ( Low Class ) 350 KC

BB To Knight Cash;

Envanter İkonu Envanter İsmi Envanter Fiyatı
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 10 TL to 500 KC 10 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 20 TL to 1000 KC 20 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 50 TL to 2500 KC 50 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 100 TL to 5000 KC 100 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 200 TL to 10000 KC 200 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 300 TL to 15000 KC 300 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 500 TL to 25000 KC 500 TL
image.png.d530a7ad2524bbb941151eb726d4a70d.png 1000 TL to 50000 KC 1000 TL


Keyifli Oyunlar Dileriz.

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